Some Benefits of Home ownership

Here are some of the very good reasons why you should own a home. 

  • An independent research suggests Lifetime rent payments can pay for more than 4 homes
  • EstateBuilding! Why not build your own instead of your landlord’s?
  • Rent money is spent money. The moment you buy a home, you start a built in savings account. The obligation to meet mortgage payments encourages a savings habit.
  • Home ownership is a symbol of achievement
  • Home ownership can improve your credit rating.
  • Your home equity may be used as security for future loans.
  • Home ownership gives the family a sense of security.
  • Tax advantages – one of the best! Real estate taxes and interest charges on mortgages are tax deductible for investment properties.
  • Home ownership offers a better variety of lifestyle choices. There are fewer restrictions on the use of your interior and exterior living areas.
  • Get a free ride with inflation. As inflation continues, you will be paying off your mortgage with less expensive dollars.

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